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The Birth of Eden Glory Company

Eden Glory Company is finally here! The last few months have been a real roller-coaster and it’s been amazing seeing this all come to fruition after many months of planning and testing. Candles have been an almost fundamental part of my life since my late teens – great for taking time out to relax, whether it was watching a series, reading a book, entertaining friends, or studying; it almost became the norm to light a candle pretty much every day.

Back in October 2019, I had this idea of making my own candles, but I needed to figure out if this was something I could do. A month later, I signed up to partake in a candle making class in East London and not only was it a fantastic experience, it was also soothing. The idea of creating something that I could not only use but also enjoy making was just the icing on the cake. This was truly the beginning and Eden Glory Company was born.

Straight away, I knew I wanted to create a product that brought a lovely aroma to any home, that isn’t too subtle yet not too pungent, and that uses fragrance oils to evoke good memories. Also, I wanted it to have a luxurious-yet-minimalistic feel, so it doesn’t interfere too much with the user’s interior spaces. However, I also wanted to have an aesthetic that wasn’t typical.

In the same breath, it was time to start thinking of a brand name. I wanted to choose a name that had value to me as this was essentially ‘my baby’. For me, my spirituality and my faith mean a great deal to me, so it was important for me to include this. The word ‘Eden’ derives from the Bible’s ‘Garden of Eden’ which is set at the beginning – for me this was the beginning of starting something new. Also, the Garden of Eden is associated with paradise, peace, and ultimate happiness – which is what I want candle users to feel. The word ‘Glory’ was about manifesting God’s spiritual presence in my life. From this, Eden Glory Company was born. After testing numerous waxes, different fragrances, designing labels, choosing containers – fast forward to November 2020 and I’m so proud this has come together.

Our first collection launches with 6 fragrances. It may have taken some time, but I was insistent that I wanted to create a product that I could be pleased with. My friends & family have been so supportive during this period, so I can’t thank them enough for all their help along the way.

We’re really excited for you to try our candles and join us on this journey.

Lots of Love,


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