Owino Delights | Passionfruit & Mango
  • Owino Delights | Passionfruit & Mango


    This sensational candle fragrance is the definition of your dream tropical holiday! Once lit, this lovely fruity scent brings warmth to the room with notes of passionfruit, grapefruit, mango pineapple and acai berry - Tropical Paradise


    Owino Delights is named & inspired by East Africa's Uganda and the tropical delights found in Owino Market in the heart of Uguada's capital Kampala.


    Top notes: Acai berry and sweet pineapple

    Middle notes: Mango & grapefruit

    Base notes: passionfruit


    Up to 30 hours burn time | 150g | Height - 81mm x Diameter - 66mm

    At Eden Glory Company, each candle is hand-poured and made in small batches. This guarantees an excellent quality finish. 

    vegan Friendly | cruelty Free | free from parabens & phthalates

    It's important to us that we're doing our bit for our planet and ensuring that we are an eco-conscious brand. Therefore, all our candles are made with 100% pure soy wax which is a natural, vegetable wax derived from soybeans. Soy wax not only burns longer, but it is cleaner to burn as it does not produce harmful pollutants or toxins which means it's safer to burn. Additionally, we use high-quality fragrance oils that are free from parabens & phthalates, which means that are non-toxic (avoiding allergies) & sustainable for the environment. 

    Handmade in London.